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A helpful class for gender-specific models in Ruby applications. Genderize adds useful helper methods for various pronouns and other written forms of male and female genders.

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Genderize is a simple Rails gem for adding gender helper methods to Rails models.


# Setting the gender is simple - just set the attribute value to "m" or "f"
@user = "f")

# This gives us a few helper methods to add gender specific text to our views
@user.gender.male? # => false # => "female"
@user.gender.to_s # => "f"
@user.gender.abbr # => "f"

# gender pronouns
# As the subject of a sentence
@user.gender.subject # => 'she'
# As the object of a sentence
@user.gender.object # => 'her'
# Showing possession
@user.gender.possessive # => 'her'
# Writing a casual form of the gender
@user.gender.casual # => "chick"


Add this to your Gemfile:

gem "genderize"

...and run bundle install to install the gem.

Next, run:

$ rails g genderize:install

... to install the genderize.en.yml file in your locales directory

Finally, to genderize a model attribute:

class User < ActiveRecord::Base


  # ... or, if your db column isn't named `gender`



If you discover a problem with Genderize, please let us know about it.

Remember to search the issues list first in case your issue has already been raised by another Githuber


Full documentation is available here:


You're welcome to contribute to Genderize.

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